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Excellence in permanent containment: VINYL (PVC) Sheet piles

Vinyl sheet piles, made from highly resistant PVC, are an innovation on the domestic market but are widely used on the international market for permanent containment. As well as being corrosion-free, they are 100% watertight, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications. Their unique characteristics and ease of installation make Vinyl Sheet Piles the perfect choice for your project. steel trench cover sheet    |    steel trench cover sheet    |    cover excavation in progress
100% Watertight

Vinyl Sheet Piles are highly watertight, allowing them to be used safely and effectively in places where water is present, such as rivers and seas.

No corrosion

Thanks to the PVC, the equipment has excellent corrosion resistance, guaranteeing long durability even in challenging environments.

Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

Vinyl Sheet Piles are 100% recyclable, in line with sustainability guidelines and minimizing environmental impact.

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Countless possibilities in permanent containments.
  • Construction of artificial lakes, quays, docks, marinas, irrigation channels and retention/containment basins
  • Protection of slopes, dykes, dams, riverbeds, excavations, landslides and against erosion
  • Protection and/or Recovery of Soils and foundation structures
  • Stabilization of riverbeds, roads and slopes
  • Barrier against contaminants (water and/or contaminated soil) and infiltration
  • Water conservation reservoir
  • Water, rivers and streams deviation
European Technology

Vinyl Sheet Piles incorporate cutting-edge European technology, guaranteeing high quality equipment and performance.

Exceptional durability

With a 50-year lifespan guaranteed by the manufacturer, the Vinyl Sheet Piles are a long-lasting solution for your project.

Variety of models

Available in a variety of colors such as sand, light gray, dark gray (slate), green and brown, they provide an elegant finish and fit in harmoniously with the building environment.

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Benefits of using VINYL Sheet Piles

Vinyl Sheet Piles have a number of unique benefits. Thanks to their high watertightness, corrosion resistance and recyclable nature, these piles offer a practical and sustainable solution for a wide variety of projects.

Variety of Applications

Vinyl Sheet Piles are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of environments and projects.

Ease of driving

Vinyl Sheet Piles are suitable for driving with Vibratory Pile Drivers, making the installation process simple and efficient.


Fully recyclable, contributing to the sustainability of the project and reducing its environmental impact. This allows your project to comply with green building practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.

100% Watertight

The structure of the Vinyl Piles has been carefully designed, with perfect fittings that provide 100% watertightness. Its design also makes it easier to drive.

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